Classical Budo

Classical Budo
Donn F. Draeger
Weatherhill, 1990
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The second volume of the Martial Arts and Ways of Japan, Classical Budo, picks up the thread of martial traditions as they developed through history into budo (lit. martial “ways,” methods of living and training one’s spirit through austere physical disciplines). The chapters on the concept, rationale, and methods of classical martial training are of particular interest and value to modern students. The formation of the systems or schools of martial arts, the ryu, is then examined, followed by a discussion of the development of particular schools for the weapons used in this training, as well as unarmed arts. Finally, the place of classical martial arts in today’s society, and the qualities would-be students need to engage in such training, are discussed in detail.

These books are essential reading for ANY martial arts student. They provide a wonderful basis which can only help increase one’s appreciation of the depth and breadth of budo in all its forms.

Diane Skoss

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