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Curious about koryu?

Just what are the koryu bujutsu? Authentic classical Japanese martial arts or traditions are quite rare in the West, and there’s not a whole lot of reliable information in English. If you’re curious, these introductions to the koryu will get you started with definitions and general explanations of the martial arts of the Japanese samurai.

Thinking about training in koryu?

What are the differences between modern martial arts training and training in the koryu bujutsu? How do you find a legitimate, authorized instructor? What does it take to get admitted into a koryu? What will be expected of you if you do join? These articles focus on answering questions for the prospective koryu trainee.

Already training in the koryu?

There’s so much context that is so enormously difficult to convey to koryu practitioners outside of Japan. Here’s good place to start finding out how much there is you need to know about Japanese culture in order to fully understand your training in these traditions.

Doing research on the koryu and the history of the samurai?

Browse our Ryu Guide or check out these articles and recommended books on the history of the Japanese classical martial arts and the samurai who practiced them.

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