Classical Bujutsu

Classical Bujutsu
Donn F. Draeger
Weatherhill, 1990
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Classical Bujutsu is the first volume of the Martial Arts and Ways of Japan series, and it begins by outlining the martial tradition in Japan. This is followed by a discussion of the role of the bushi (warrior) class in history and how the bujutsu (lit., martial arts) developed. The second part of the volume is divided into categories: bladed, impact, projectile and composite weapons, as well as grappling and auxiliary arts that were also part of warrior training. It is a thorough examination of the oldest Japanese fighting arts, and their place in pre-modern and modern society.

These books are essential reading for ANY martial arts student. They provide a wonderful basis which can only help increase one’s appreciation of the depth and breadth of budo in all its forms.

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