Katori Shinto-ryu

Katori Shinto-ryu: Warrior Tradition
Otake Risuke
Koryu Books, 2007
No longer in print. Used copies are sometimes available at Amazon or e-bay.

“The widest and certainly the most authoritative glimpse into the inner workings, the mechanics, and animating spirit of the classical martial arts of Japan.”

Dave Lowry, author of In the Dojo

“Koryu Books has done the martial arts world yet another great service by rejuvenating this quintessential publication about the granddaddy of all Japanese martial arts–the Katori Shinto-ryu–and making the teachings accessible to us all. A classic book about a classical tradition; written by the master and reproduced masterfully.”

Alex Bennett, editor Kendo World

“This is a loving, respectful, and updated version of what has become a classic treasure for any student of the history of the classical martial arts and ways of Japan.”

Wayne Muromoto, editor of Furyu: The Journal of Classical Japanese Martial Arts and Culture

Not many of Japan’s ancient warrior traditions have survived the five-and-a-half centuries since their heyday. Katori Shinto-ryu: Warrior Tradition documents one of the few that has maintained its comprehensive technical curriculum as well as studies in military strategy and prognostication. Written by the tradition’s only master teacher, and authorized by its soke, this book is a detailed illustrated introduction to the sword techniques, strategy, and esoteric studies of the Katori Shinto-ryu. You can’t afford to miss this book!

Unfortunately, this book is currently out of print, and we aren’t sure if we’ll be reprinting it anytime soon. Please check out Amazon and E-Bay for used copies.

Diane Skoss

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