Modern Bujutsu & Budo

Modern Bujutsu & Budo
Donn F. Draeger
Weatherhill, 1996
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The final volume of the Martial Arts and Ways of Japan series is Modern Bujutsu and Budo. It begins with the historical background of modern martial arts and discusses the major characteristics and rationales. The little-known modern bujutsu, arts restricted to members of the armed forces and law enforcement, how they devleloped and each of their particular characteristics are then analyzed in considerable detail. The last part of the book is devoted to the more popular martial disciplines, their individual characteristics, historical influences and development, and gives a very cogent picture of what these arts mean to people in modern society.

These books are essential reading for ANY martial arts student. They provide a wonderful basis which can only help increase one’s appreciation of the depth and breadth of budo in all its forms.

Diane Skoss

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