Old School

Old School: Essays on Japanese Martial Traditions
Ellis Amdur
Edgework, 2002
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Ellis Amdur’s much anticipated new book on the koryu is well worth the wait. In this privately published volume, Amdur collects a number of essays originally published in the Journal of Asian Martial Arts and Furyu, and adds a few new pieces (most notably “Keppan: Blood Vows in Japanese Martial Traditions”). Old School is a perfect companion both to Amdur’s first book, Dueling with O-sensei, and our own “Classical Warrior Traditions of Japan” series. All the essays have been carefully revised and are illustrated with plentiful photographs and illustrations (masterfully drawn by Eric Johnson). As usual, Amdur challenges us with his insights in this must-read collection on the Japanese martial traditions.

Read an excerpt from this book: “Women Warriors of Japan.”

Diane Skoss

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