Sword & Spirit

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Classical Warrior Traditions of Japan, volume 2.

Edited by Diane Skoss.
Published by Koryu Books, 1999.
ISBN: 1-890536-05-9.
6″ x 9″ paperback, 192 p., with 41 illustrations.
Includes bibliographical references, and complete glossary/index.
Kindle Edition: Sword & Spirit: Classical Warrior Traditions of Japan, 2

“Koryu Books has done it again with Sword & Spirit, an impressive follow-up to its earlier book on Japanese warrior traditions and a significant contribution to the growing body of serious scholarship on the martial arts.”
G. Cameron Hurst, III, Professor of History, University of Pennsylvania

“Congratulations to Diane for a masterful bit of editing in this latest volume. All us wannabe samurai should read this one carefully at least a couple of times.”
Kim Taylor, Journal of Japanese Sword Arts

“[The] ‘Classical Warrior’ series presents just enough information to be thorough and engaging while not becoming encyclopaedically dull.”
D. Patrick Miller, Fearless Reviews


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Sword and Spirit
Sword & Spirit
$19.95 (+ shipping)