Thinking about training in the koryu?

The koryu, quite simply, are not for everyone. They take an enormous commitment, endless patience, sincerity, pliancy, and a willingness to learn things that are completely different from what a person has done or learned in their previous experience. To begin training in the koryu is to embark on a lifelong study, knowing that one will never “finish” or “perfect” their art. There are no glory, fame, or riches to be had. It’s all about the art, all about the ryu, and individuals don’t count except as they contribute to a dojo’s training and the vitality of the group.

The articles listed here offer a variety of perspectives and observations on what it takes to undertake training in the koryu, some hints on how to get started, and advice on discriminating between con artists and the “real deals”. For the best learning experience, work your way down this list in order. If after you’ve finished you are still intent on commencing training, follow the advice in the last article on the practicalities of locating a koryu dojo.